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Contained Bedrooms are Not Always Limited

An expansive bedroom is almost heaven for most of us. But, in Singapore as in any other places, every square inch of a room is measured and paid for. Thus, if there is anything to watch out for in buying a condo unit- then that would be the amount a person is willing or can pay for a particular floor area or property size.

There are actually many people who are not satisfied with the sizes of their properties. However, they just deal with what they have. While the objective is good (most of the time), sometimes trying to deal with the home feature one hates the most is not healthy and productive at all.

It is important to keep in mind that small room spaces are still as useful as those with expansive sizes. Through an interior designer’s skill, even a contained room could be as comfortable, functional and stylish as other rooms.

An interior designer would suggest the installation of floating cabinets or the purchase of furniture piece with multiple functions. An example to this is a bed with built-in drawers which can be used to store many items.  With limited space, it is obviously hard to buy different items that serve unique functions like beds and drawers.

Designers also avoid using darker colors for small rooms.  Dark paints could result to making a room appear smaller or more contained than its original size. Moreover, such paint colors can make a room more crowded that it actually is.

Small bedrooms can still be at par with bedrooms that have bigger spaces. Although the latter could have more items in it and are maybe more fun to design and see, the challenge is actually found in smaller room. Designers are actually very excited working on rooms with limited spaces as they oblige them to come up with better ideas and strategy.

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