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Scandinavian Homes in Singapore

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The size of a house does not manifest its owner’s preference of style. The style portrays the kind of taste a homeowner has. On the other hand, achieving a certain interior design for properties in Singapore is quite challenging. The size of the area being designed greatly affects its possible output and size is an important consideration for houses in Singapore as in most countries in the world.

A Scandinavian home design is among the best design options for home properties with confined or limited spaces. This interior design is generally characterized by brightness, illusion of wider spaces, simple and clean lines, warmth and neatness. And, for these reasons, interior designers in countries like Singapore often advice it to their client. Most probably, these elements are the major reasons why this specific home interior is taking the spotlight in the country. As a matter of fact, many blog sites have already placed the Scandi home design as one of the favored designs in the country not only for private homes but even business establishments.

With the growing interest of home and property owners in Singapore to design their area based on the Scandinavian home theme, how well this design fit the characteristics of the country’s real estate? Here are some of the possible justifications:

– The choice of colors necessary in achieving this design is greatly helpful in creating spatial illusion wherein a room could appear bigger than how it actually measures. Bright colors can make something appear more spacious regardless of its actual space. In the country, apartments and even condo units are generally with confined or limited spaces. Despite this fact, home owners are in the constant look out of possible means to make the area seem bigger or wider.

– The neat and clean lines of this style create the impression of style and elegance. This is the kind of style that the working-class people would want to see in their houses each day. Singapore is an economically-thriving country wherein the majority of the population is from the working class.

– The earthly and neutral tone apparent in the Scandinavian home style is a must have feature for anyone who looks at his home as a refuge after a long day of work. Earthly tones help in relaxing the mind and revitalizing one’s fatigued body. These home characteristics are great features for people who usually spend their time getting stressed at work. At the end of a stress-filled day, having a home that is oozing with warmth and coziness would be just inspiring!

Now, how does one achieve this home design in Singapore? Possibly, budget is a must but the style does not really require as much expenses as with some other popular designs. This is another great thing about this home interior design. For those who do not really have any ideas where to start, approaching the experts or professional designer would be a very logical step. Looking at some magazines or even websites specializing in this kind of design would also be very helpful even for amateurs. Such publications often provide list if tips and how tos in achieving a Scandinavian home design.

Accessorizing Scandinavian Home Design

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A quite classic, minimalist and elegant home design has recently been gaining popularity. The thing is not only from the place where it has originated. As a matter of fact, Scandinavian home designs are taking the center stage as far as the East.
Although this home design is pretty simply to look at, designing it may require certain level of selectivity. Since it follows a very unique design that is great for areas with confined spaces, one must learn to choose the best selections of accessories and furniture pieces found in home interior shops. Below are simple tips on accessorizing this kind of home design regardless of the homeowner’s actual location (local or abroad):

Rustic or modern? Before knocking any door or browsing any online site that sells Scandinavian home accessories, decide what concept to follow. As with other designs for any interior, different eras or generations are usually followed. If you are the type who enjoys the nostalgic atmosphere of the days gone by then going for a rustic or antiquated concept is the right choice for you.

Color it right! This kind of interior design follows a specific color pattern; thus, it is very important to keep the colors for it in mind when buying some accessories. Do not be discouraged though since the colors generally use to achieve the style are very simple and they are: white, grey and beige. To bring these colors come to life- highlighting them with darker hues will do the trick.

Go for clean edges! Some other home designs encourage the elegance found on furniture pieces and home accessories designed with complicated lines. On the other hand, a Scandinavian home style can be compared with a really classy chic. It follows fashion and is willing to risk but stays fond with clean and simple lines. This home style is characterized by elegance found in simplicity. This is a very important thing to note and heed when accessorizing a specific area that follows the theme.

Paintings make great statements! If there is one accessory to buy suitable for this design then that would be paintings hanging on the wall. Paintings that are using interesting colors but are charming enough could be the best finishing touches for the style. Again, this home design concept requires the use white paint which is usually applied on the walls. Hanging interesting wall paints will surely divert the focus of the observers.

True! Scandi home is not as heavy in the eyes as some other home interior. Nonetheless, it is likewise not easy to achieve. If in case, you have no idea where and how to start, consulting with an expert first will be of great assistance and will be efficient. The design requires balance and harmony from the simplest things and this is definitely not an easy challenge. By consulting with an expert, you will already know the things or items that you should keep away from. Professional designers could also provide you with list of the most appropriate things to have in your house.

Scandii Home Style Under Budget

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Cute Home Design in ScandinaviaScandi home design is now attracting great interest from foreign designers and even home owners abroad. Oh yes, this home style is not only good for Scandinavians or locals but for anyone who aims to have a home design flowing with natural light and clean lines regardless of his or her location or locality.

In the simplest manner, a Scandinavian home design is filled with simplicity and follows a minimalistic style of decoration. Whilst it is characterized by understated elegance it nonetheless is a beautiful style for houses accentuated by discrete color shades. Finally, a key to achieving this design is the use of faultless craftsmanship and giving focus on the functionality or optimal use of the space.

Knowing the basic about this particular home style will keep anyone from overspending or buying unnecessary items to achieve the design. Believe it or not, one can easily skip the purchase of many home items to enjoy a kitchen, living room or even bedroom that follows a Scandi design.  Among other home designs, this one does keep the budget safe.

So, for anyone who dreams of having a Scandinavian home design, here are some budget-saving tips:

Go easy on rags and carpets!  

The truth is that Scandinavians are no big fans of wall to wall carpets or placing too many rags in their homes. This technique never really reached the place so hold on to your budget for those costly carpets and expensive rags.

Woods are the key!

Scandinavian homes are filled with wooden materials from their floors to wall and even furniture pieces. Pines and oaks are among the favorite and matching woods for this kind of home.

Straight and simple lines attract the eyes best!

Some other home designs would suggest going for bolder and more modern look by using complicated and curvy lines. However, Scandi homes are easily achieved through the use fine, straight lines on the accessories and other features an area has. The home design does not require lines that confuse the eyes. So, before going for those edgy-designed coffee tables, side cabinets or any other piece that cost heftily on the pocket, keep in mind that simplicity remains the best eye-catcher!

Keep the place warm with a corner fireplace!

A Scandinavian- inspired home makes use of all available spaces of the house even those are in the corner. To both save space and money, this home design suggests a fireplace placed on the corner of the room.

Another key pointer to keep in mind as one designs his or her home in Scandi-inspired style is the choice of color. Going for white and grey would be safe. However, there are other color tones that may also comply with the design’s requirements. The secret is to go for something warm and clean. Finally, ensuring optimal functionality of the area is a must for this home design. Going for home accessories and furniture items that help in utilizing confined spaces better completes a real Scandinavian home design. What is great about this is that one can save cash by buying items that have multiple functions.

Home Interior for Ladies

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A home interior design that can match a lady’s standard would match everyone’s standard! Such design requires features that justify the word “CHIC”.  Surprisingly, such design is not as extravagant as one would assume.

Organic and modern! These are two words that help create a lady’s ideal interior. A combination of things is used to achieve these looks. The selection of the right shades is important for this interior style. The choice of paint shades should not be too boring and plain thus neutral and dark shades are used together.  Rooms with this design are also heavy on accents and patterns. Accents can enhance and balance the tone. On the other hand, patterns give it a modern touch and that “fun” to look at statement. Patterns are also crucial since they add up mystery to the room- just like women.

A suitable interior design for ladies must also showcase comfort. Women always desire this feature with every piece of furniture they have in their room or house. Thus, designers are very selective when it comes to acquiring furniture pieces and decorative items for a Chic interior design.

Ladies look for a polished or neat looking design. It is a major requirement for them especially for career women.  In contrast, they also want a stylist room to fit their sense of style. This leads to the creation of a minimalist yet stylist interior design. Through minimalism, designers create an illusion of open and wider spaces which make a room appear more polished and organized.  For this, unique items that are functional and do not consume too much space are the top choices of designers.

A home interior design for ladies can also follow certain themes.  Themes could be anything from the homeowner’s favorite color shades to the person’s sense of style. Regardless, a skilled, talented and experienced designer can meet these criteria without a problem and may even provide ideas.


Contained Bedrooms are Not Always Limited

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An expansive bedroom is almost heaven for most of us. But, in Singapore as in any other places, every square inch of a room is measured and paid for. Thus, if there is anything to watch out for in buying a condo unit- then that would be the amount a person is willing or can pay for a particular floor area or property size.

There are actually many people who are not satisfied with the sizes of their properties. However, they just deal with what they have. While the objective is good (most of the time), sometimes trying to deal with the home feature one hates the most is not healthy and productive at all.

It is important to keep in mind that small room spaces are still as useful as those with expansive sizes. Through an interior designer’s skill, even a contained room could be as comfortable, functional and stylish as other rooms.

An interior designer would suggest the installation of floating cabinets or the purchase of furniture piece with multiple functions. An example to this is a bed with built-in drawers which can be used to store many items.  With limited space, it is obviously hard to buy different items that serve unique functions like beds and drawers.

Designers also avoid using darker colors for small rooms.  Dark paints could result to making a room appear smaller or more contained than its original size. Moreover, such paint colors can make a room more crowded that it actually is.

Small bedrooms can still be at par with bedrooms that have bigger spaces. Although the latter could have more items in it and are maybe more fun to design and see, the challenge is actually found in smaller room. Designers are actually very excited working on rooms with limited spaces as they oblige them to come up with better ideas and strategy.